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Throughout my life I have generally found writing difficult. But then, as I wrote the many required reflection papers during graduate school, something began to open and my ability to write began to improve. I believe this occurred because the reflective writing process allowed the development of deeper connections within myself, particularly with my heart, but also with my body and spirit.

Along the way, I have shared my art processes and reflections. I have also shared my art and my poetry. Now, I am in the process of creating books that are combinations of my art and my writing. Through these books, my hope is both to continue opening and exploring my connections to myself and to invoke feelings, reflections, inspirations, creativity, and greater openings and connections within the lives of others.

~ Jamie "Cedar" Rogers

↟ Writings

Sacred Wisdom Rising

Join me for ongoing, reflective inspirations written with heart on Sacred Wisdom Rising...

Solstice to Solstice: Allowing Death, Cultivating Heart [Project Death Date: November 27, 2017]

Solstice to Solstice: Allowing Death, Cultivating Heart is a current 184 day journey from the Summer to Winter Solstices of 2017. This journey will be about ending the current dream of life and creating a new dream with heart. Follow along within my blog for ~daily excerpts.

The Meaning of Awakening Joy on My Shamanic Path [Master's Program Research Paper]
-- File Size: 274 KB; Length: 22 pages; Date: August 31, 2011

While completing my master's in Art Therapy Counseling at Southwestern College of Santa Fe, New Mexico, I wrote a research paper entitled "What does it Mean to Awaken Joy with Regard to My Shamanic Path?" However, I think its running header of "The Meaning of Awakening Joy on My Shamanic Path" offers a better description. Within this paper, I methodically explored the experience, meaning, and awakening of joy, death in relation to joy, connections within the breath, heart, soul, mind, and body, and the use of shamanic and spiritual practices for awakening joy.

I'm currently offering this paper in its original unedited form. But, more information does exist, which I didn't have time to include. So, my intention is to incorporate this at some point and to also make revisions and edits within the current format.

↟ Books

Solstice to Solstice: Rebirthing of Divine Inner Light [Available as a PDF eBook - $4.44]
-- File Size: 203 MB; Length: 361 pages; Publisher: Cedar Pathways, December 18, 2016

Solstice to Solstice: Rebirthing of Divine Inner Light is the book version of a project that existed as a Facebook event between the Winter and Summer solstices of 2015/2016. During that time, I invoked my own inner wisdom to provide daily inspirations for cultivating the inner wisdom, the inner light of ourselves into new becomings of who we are together and separately.

For 182 days, I reflected on the pathway of invoking inner light from the depths of Winter to the height of Summer. I compared my reflections to nature and to the cultivation, the becoming of a planted seed. These short refections also included daily imagery that served to enhance the reflection and the experience, many of which included my personal photographs and artwork.

Solstice to Solstice: Rebirthing of Divine Inner Light is a journey of deeper reflection, of deeper questioning in relating ourselves to the earth and to the nature of our collective evolution.

My Rising Heart: A Path of Love and Intimacy [tentative title of work in progress]

My Rising Heart: A Path of Love and Intimacy will include poems written to invoke reflective heart openings and complementary artwork that invokes a greater depth of feeling and understanding.

Portals into Your Sacred Knowledge: A Journey of Deepening Awareness [tentative title of work in progress]

From June 14, 2015 to July 1, 2015, I embarked on a journey to several sacred sites within Ireland, England, and Scotland. While at these sites, I meditated, engaged with spirit, reflected, toned, and created drawings to express the vibrations of each site as they flowed through my body. Portals into Your Sacred Knowledge: A Journey of Deepening Awareness will include details of my journey, reflections, artwork, recordings, and insights into how to gain sacred knowledge and to deepen personal awareness.

*As of November 10, 2017, I feel the journey I engaged in during 2015 was just the beginning of something, which will be further culivated and written about at some point in the future.

↟ Poems

June 8, 2015

Within the Soft Beats of Our Heart
Our hearts beat
beat, beat ~ beat, beat
beat, beat ~ beat, beat
all day long
giving us life
keeping us alive

We almost never give it a second thought
it beats
pumping our blood
enriching our body

Within each beat
our heart
offers us

what about that existence?

Within those beats we may sense
pounding tension
relaxed subtlety
and all that exists in between

But can we sense
can we listen
to what lies
each beat

Can we listen
very quietly
to every message
coming in
going out

Can we sense the messages
and accept them
as sweet caresses
that soften our soul
that deepen our existence

What will you allow
into your life
into your soul

Will you listen to your heart

Allow it to nurture you

As the beating of your heart
throughout all of your existence
until it beats
no more

~ Cedar StarSpirit

March 15, 2015

Feeling Grief
I feel grief
welling inside of me
lolling around
and waiting to erupt
with the powerful force
of a rolling river

But this grief I feel
does not feel like my own
it has no cause
within my life
at least
at this moment

But I feel it coming

Is this really mine
I wonder

Maybe I’m feeling
the grief
of another
deep within them
lolling and rolling
waiting to burst forward

my heart feels crushed
my soul aching
my body losing ambition
losing creativity
losing desire
as another wave
runs through me

Feeling the turbulence now
of the yearning
of the sorrow

And then ever so quietly
I hear my heart calling
desiring to be
broken open
just a little bit more

to release
and surrender
just a bit more

letting the grief out
of my heart
cleansing my soul
and renewing my body

I know not from where this comes
only that it needs transforming

And thus I sit with this grief
allowing it to do its job
of transforming me
of releasing me
and allowing me
greater surrender
greater openness
and greater ease

~ Cedar StarSpirit

March 3, 2015

Ceramic Sculpture: 2007 "Refuge"
Taking Refuge
When did we stop
feeling our own

When did we stop
offering sanctuary
from within
our hearts
to everyone
to everything

When did we start
to need
to take refuge
within the heart
of another

When did the world
become so vile
that we
could not feel
our own
but could only
find it
in another

To find another
so that we can
find love
find safety
find forgiveness
find rest
find peace

Why must we
take refuge

How can we
find refuge
within ourselves
that can then
be offered
to all others

Can we
be love
be safety
be forgiveness
be rest
be peace

If we can
then perhaps
we can take refuge
in the world
rather than
away from it

~ Cedar StarSpirit