~ Energies of the Day ~

These images were created without intention, just allowing the energy, the spirit of the day to move through me and to find their expression on the page.

January 21, 2017
January 2, 2017
Activation: 12/25/16
Awakening Heart: 12/25/16
Creativeness Coming to Light: 12/25/16
Light Shining Through Shifting Perspectives: 10/29/16
Crystaline Exposure: 10/28/16
Life Amongst The Roller Coaster Ride: 6/8/16
Flowing Energy: 12/30/15
Blooming Goddess: 12/2/16
The Heart Underneath It All: 9/16/15
There's A Whole Lot of Transformation Going On: 9/8/15
Opening Wings: 8/2/15
Electrical Energy Emerging From The Fire: 5/13/15
Opening Spirit
Energies Arising
Transformational Opening
Fire In The Belly
Flowing Energy 2
Heart Blooming
Fire Emerging From Behind The Scene
Heart Opening
Energy Being Revealed
Emerging Energy 2
Emerging Woman
Heart Revealing
Coming To Be Seen
Going With The Flow
Making An Appearance With Backbone
Emerging Energy 1
Flowing Energy 1

~ Focused Intention ~

Setting an intention within the body, allowing information from the body and from spirit to flow through, and creating an image that brings out more information about the intention, as indicated in the title. These images were drawn to discover greater information that is both buried within myself and provided through spirit.

Feeling Loved From The Depths Of My Soul
Feeling Surrounded By Love 2
Feeling Surrounded By Love 1
Reflections Of Nurturance
Fighting Violence With Inner Light
The Grief and Rift of Separation
in Burning at the Stake