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Jamie "Cedar" Rogers, MA
~ Holistic Life Guide, Writer, Artist ~

Welcome to "Cedar Pathways"

Thank you for deciding to stop by, on your journey through life, to investigate how Cedar Pathways might serve you, as it is my deepest desire for each of us to find the pathways for connecting and empowering our inner guidance, allowing us to bring our individual wisdom and gifts forward into this world, into the service of ourselves and others. To do this, I believe we need to become deeply attuned to our hearts, bodies, and spirits, allowing our minds to follow rather than lead. Doing so takes a great commitment, but also offers the great rewards of greater health, meaningful life direction, and increased happiness and joy throughout our lives.

My name is Jamie "Cedar" Rogers. I offer holistic guidance toward the creation of life. Life that your heart and spirit wants to live. Life that is worth living. Life that keeps you healthy, offers you meaning, and brings you greater happiness and joy.

I created Cedar Pathways in May of 2016 as a continuation of offerings that began as Emergent Pathways Through Art in May of 2013. Although my initial focus was largely art therapy based, as I was just completing a master's degree in Art Therapy Counseling, my practices have generally held a holistic quality in allowing the body's intelligence to come through within art creation processes. Within a short time, however, these practices began to evolve, allowing the inclusion of spiritual guidance, intuitive direction, and other energetic processes. Additionally, reflective writing began to make its way into my offerings, with the intention of encouraging, inspiring, and invoking reflections into the inner wisdom and gifts of myself and others. Thus, Cedar Pathways opens an environment of multiple pathways towards personal life exploration and holistic guidance.

Within Cedar Pathways, however, the use of art processes will remain a favorite medium for discovering unconscious information, healing traumatic life experiences, moving through energy blockages, and connecting and empowering inner wisdom and gifts. Here's why:

In connecting with my inner guidance,
I claim the name of "Cedar StarSpirit", as one who is:
~-- grounded --~
~-- energetically sensitive --~
~-- spiritually guided --~
from within my core, roots, and branches,
while holding heart-warming, protective space.

The art creation process has the ability to awaken the senses and to allow unconscious information to show itself within the art and the reflections about the art and the art creation process. This is not a matter of skilled art production but a process of intention setting, mark making, investigative inquiry, reflection, metaphor development, and intuitively derived spiritual guidance. The beauty then comes in what happens throughout the process, rather than in the appearance of a final product.

Additionally, art creation works well alongside a person's healing process, touching and yet giving space to difficult life experiences. Instead of directly engaging with the language and processes of the mind, art engages with the language and senses of the body, for later interpretation by the mind. This allows for personal transformations to unfold through the body's innate intelligence, rather than needing to push toward some preconceived direction.

To use a metaphor, which is what the art creation process helps to develop, experiencing art is like a needle that starts by hooking into the art process and then proceeds by threading the emotions of the art with your heart, threading the sensations of the art with your body, threading the reflections of the art with the buried messages of your mind, and threading the energy of the art with your spirit. In essence, the art becomes the fabric that weaves together your heart, body, mind, and spirit through the art creation and reflection process. Additionally, because of this threading and weaving, the realizations and perception shifts gained during the session are more likely to remain available to your outer life, since the information has already traversed all the different levels within your being.

But, the benefits of the art creation process doesn't stop there. Art creation also helps you to develop an understanding of your personal symbols, your unique intuitive patterns, and the language patterns that are expressed by your body, your heart, and your spirit. Once these personal insights are made, further interpretations can be made about the shifts in energetic vibration that occur within and around the body. These understandings and interpretations then become the basis for being able to identify energetic resonance and dissonance within the heart center, which mediates the information coming through your physical and spiritual bodies.

All of this connective, interpretive capacity is required to follow your heart or to connect and empower your inner wisdom and gifts. In other words, through the practice of energetic heart resonance identification, you will be better prepared to determine what is really right for you. But, it is important to note that engaging with your body, heart, and spirit in this way creates a relationship, which requires nurturance, trust, and commitment just like any other relationship. So, this becomes a lifelong practice but also allows for the building of skills that will enable greater health, meaningful life direction, and increased happiness and joy throughout your life.

To support your personal process of connection, empowerment, and transformation, I am committed to maintaining a grounded authentic presence that encompasses connecting to my body, heart, and spirit, holding a safe and sacred space, inviting in spiritual guidance, listening with compassion, providing compassionate humor, and being a personal guide and witness. These are qualities that I have been nurturing and holding space for after identifying specific life vows for myself, which include:

  • Holding a calm and positive space for others
  • Listening to the spiritual stories of others with compassion and respect
  • Helping people create value in their life
  • Encouraging others to grow in their own way
  • Speaking and writing from the heart
  • Creating art with the intention of making people feel their heart
  • Being respectful of the earth and the resources it offers
  • Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you will decide to come experience the power of therapeutic art processes and the pervasive effects it can have on your life.

    With Love and Gratitude, Namaste,


    Show me the specific guidance offered to explore my inner wisdom and gifts

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  • ↟ My Personal Story

    What is my personal story? What do I think might be important for you to know, as you consider working with me or utilizing my offerings in some way?

    I was born in Astoria, Oregon, but raised between Astoria and Eugene, Oregon and Sheridan, Wyoming, while my heart remained ever present within the Northern Oregon Coast. For the last twenty years, however, I have lived in or near Portland, Oregon, with the exception of the two years I spent in Santa Fe, New Mexico attending Southwestern College. Living within these places, I have collected, combined, and transformed the energies and experiences that these places have brought to me.

    I am an only child raised to be independent, with the ancestral lines of Swedish-Finns, Belgians, Scots, Welsh, and Clatsop-Nehalem Confederated Tribes. During my childhood no religious direction was given or imposed. But, from a short period of voluntary Sunday school, the phrase "love your neighbor as yourself" did become a guiding value for my life. As a young adult I had no specific spiritual guidance, although themes of new age and metaphysics were fleeting entertainments. Since about 2001, however, I have reached out to restore my spiritual connection, with eclectic interests in buddhism, shamanism, energetic forces, metaphysics, and other earth-based spiritualities. Thus, these energies and influences are also present and coming through me.

    Within these places, with these people, with these energies, and with these experiences and influences, I have negotiated the pathways of my life. In doing so, my spirit, on the one hand, has felt very young in learning to communicate verbally with people. On the other hand, however, my spirit has also felt very old and ancient in communicating and connecting with the earth. This feels as if I am in the process of remembering and relearning an older way of interacting with myself and others, a way that I believe is more true to who we are as human beings, as spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies.

    More specifically, the pathways of my life have also led me through the indoctrinations of an american culture, redirection through neurological dysfunction and alternative healing methods, reawakenings through inward self-discovery and consciousness-centered schooling, and continued exploration and self-understanding through conversation, poetry, and reflective writings. Throughout these twists and turns I have often been led to make decisions that were against mainstream thinking, but I have yet to regret where I have been and what I have done. All the experiences of my life have been important to me. They have not all been pleasant, but they are all important and pertinent to who I am and what I have to offer today. My path has been one of increasingly interpreting and following the desires of my heart.

    Through my initial career as a computer systems analyst, I gained the abilities of analytical systems thinking and the negotiation of ideas amongst team members. Bringing this forward, in balance, I now work to combine my analytical training with reflective thinking and the intuitive messages that I receive through my body and my dreams, while being in relationship with the earth, the plants, the animals, and other people.

    Thus, I feel called to interact and to respond with nature and with life. First, by listening, observing, and sensing. Then by speaking, writing, or sending vibrations. Both, while maintaining a grounded, calming, and respectful presence.

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