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"Walking Tree Sanctuary" Community Space

At Cedar Pathways, inner wisdom connectivity, guidance, and support are offered through individual sessions and community group experiences, which either takes place within the Walking Tree Sanctuary community space located at 3535 SW Coronado Street, Portland, Oregon, in public places such as coffee/tea shops or parks, or via the internet. Additionally, you can request to host a group experience for your friends or for your community.

Activities done in connection with Cedar Pathways are shamanic in nature. They are conversational, experiential, and reflective, as they weave a web of connections between the natural world and your body, heart, spirit, and mind. They include the development of metaphors, which allow greater integrations to occur within your life. They may also include artistic and energetic processes, which further deepens these connections and integrations.

No special skills are required for any of activities offered at Cedar Pathways. The only necessity is a willingness to be open and to engage with the processes presented.

↟ Drawing Up Wisdom

What is Drawing Up Wisdom?

Drawing up wisdom is a means of accessing internal wisdom through spiritually invoked and guided artistic processes. This is an intention based process that allows spiritual guidance to flow through the body and to become present within the art creation process. Although art is created, the focus is not on the final product. Instead, the attention is placed on the process, the reflections, and the metaphors that develop from within the process.

Drawing Up Wisdom:

  • Provides a safe, spiritually cultivated space that supports your personal transformation process
  • Allows space for the discussion of needs and the setting of intentions
  • Gives permission for active engagement, exploration, and development of personal inner wisdom
  • Uses guided meditation to deepen intentions within the body and to allow activation of your cellular wisdom
  • Encourages art creation that flows from the vibrations and movement within the body, rather than the mind
  • Encourages reflection into the thoughts and sensations that came up throughout the therapeutic process
  • Relates spiritual metaphors to allow greater reflection, meaning making, and personal understanding
  • Provides a grounded, engaged, listening witness who holds space for your personal transformations
  • Example Body Mapping

    ↟ Body Mapping

    What is Body Mapping?

    Body mapping is an extension of the drawing up wisdom process. It allows the activation of the body's innate intelligence to come forward and to lend direction within the therapeutic process. I don't claim to know the direction that's best for an individual's healing process, but I do believe in the body's ability to heal itself. So, body mapping allows a way to externalize the information or healing guidance that is held within the body.

    Body Mapping Externalizes Healing Guidance by:

  • Acknowledging the sensations that are present within the body, as a particular intention is held
  • Providing a visual record of these sensations through representative colors, patterns, and marks
  • Providing a descriptive record of these sensations through words
  • Showing both the positive and negative sensations or aspects that relate a particular intention
  • Allowing identification of areas to explore that will lead to a specific direction to take within an individual's process
  • ↟ CellWisdom Portal Access

    What is CellWisdom Portal Access?

    CellWisdom Portal Access, a creation of Jamie "Cedar" Rogers, extends and deepens the drawing up wisdom process with the inclusion of energetic body work. By introducing energetic body work, the likelihood of awakening and activating cellular memory increases, allowing greater opportunity for the reconnection and reclamation of personal inner wisdom that is held within the cells of the body. In essence, CellWisdom Portal Access is a process that utilizes energetic body work, rather than just guided meditation, to activate and gain access to cellular wisdom for greater understanding, reflection, and transformation.

    What happens during a CellWisdom Portal Access session?

    The CellWisdom Portal Access session includes an initial conversation of intention, fully clothed and intuitively applied energetic work on a massage table, visual creation through art materials, reflective conversation about the entire experience, and further recommendations for extending this transformational process. Although this energy work is an offering, you will also be encouraged to participate in a certain way and to use your own intuitive guidance.

    Accessing Cellular Information within the Body

    Intuitively Applied, Energetic Body Work Modalities within CellWisdom Portal Access:

    Always included:

  • Reiki
  • Breathwork
  • Energetic/Empathic Awareness and Feedback
  • Art Creation
  • May be included:

  • Hand Symbols
  • Vocalized Toning
  • Drumming or Rattling
  • Movement
  • Restorying
  • ↟ Soulheart Listening

    Inspired by the mysteries of life? Want to further explore those inspirations at a deeper level?

    This is a more informal way of receive guidance for your life. The intention here is more for conceptual thought development than working toward a specific goal. We will talk, reflect, develop life metaphors, and discuss shamanic relationships, with or without art creation.

    ↟ Mother Earth Wisdom Walks

    What is a Mother Earth Wisdom Walk?

    Mother Earth Wisdom walks allow for a deeper connection and spiritual relationship with mother earth. Through intention and direct observation, metaphorical messages can be received within nature, which broaden and enhance current understandings of life concerns. To do this we will meet in nature, walk together, make observations, and talk about what we see in relation to the stated intentions at the beginning of the walk.

    Mother Earth Wisdom walks:

  • Holds space for intentions to be set and heard
  • Encourages spiritual connection and relationship with mother earth
  • Opens sensory awareness to what is available to within the physical, spiritual, and energetic fields
  • Encourages reflection into thoughts and sensations as they come up
  • Relates spiritual metaphors to allow greater reflection, meaning making, and personal understanding
  • Provides guidance for the development of a personal spiritual relationship with mother nature
  • May include intuitively applied energetic body work as called for, such as Reiki, Hand Symbols, Breathwork, or Vocalized Toning
  • Preparing for a Shamanic Drumming n' Dreaming:
    Guided Visualization Journey and Meditation

    ↟ Community Events

    Shamanic Drumming n' Dreaming: Guided Visualization Journey and Meditation

    Come feel and experience being supported, loved, and connected with the earth, with your spiritual guides and helpers, with the trees, plants, animals, elements, and the universe! Allow the vibrations of the drum to send you deeper inside yourself, opening you to greater life wisdom. Fully guided by your hosts Kim “Alder” McDonald and Jamie “Cedar” Rogers.

    Sound Vibrational Healing

    A community circle of healing vibrations through the sound and energy of drums, tones, chants, reiki, and other methods. Experience the healing vibrations of sound and energy. Connect to the universe and to your inner world, holding sacred space and allowing spirit to come through in service to yourself and others. Be guided by your hosts Kim “Alder” McDonald and Jamie “Cedar” Rogers into a mysterious metaphysical experience that will be led by spirit and guided by intuition. Come to offer. Come to receive. Leave rejuvenated and refreshed.

    Drawing Up Community Wisdom

    Opening your connection to the spiritual realms, allowing this connection to move through you within the art creation process, and assisting you to discover your personal inner wisdom. This offering mixes intention setting, guided meditation with drumming, art creation from the body rather than the mind, and the opportunity to reflectively share personal experiences with community. No experience or skill is necessary. No judgements or art critiques will be made or allowed.

    Vibrations of Community Freestyle Drawing

    A fun way to freely express yourself within community, creating a 2'x3' drawing together. Grab your favorite colors and make some marks on paper. Watch a beautiful image appear, as we freely form it together. To deepen this experience, the opportunity will also be given to set life intentions and to hold these intentions through the resonance of vocalized community sounds, which will then naturally become present within the image we create. Our final creation will be given away to one lucky participant via drawing from a hat.

    ↟ Special Projects

    The Ugly Duckling Transformation Project [Existed as a Facebook Community Page until December 4, 2017]

    Transforming our unlovableness into greater acceptance, love, and compassion for ourselves and others through artistic expression and reflection.

    "The Ugly Duckling Transformation Project" was inspired by a combination of disempowering current events, coming to understand the existence of individual unlovability, and realizing how this individual unlovability may in fact be contributing to greater grievance, disempowerment, hopelessness, anger, and fear that in turn creates violence within our relationships and within our culture.

    Contributing inspirations into the state of unlovability within us:

  • Andrew Harvey ~ The Soulmate Contract: The Power of Partnership in Your Spiritual Life ~ "The very depth of the love will bring up the shadow…People refuse to recognize that part of the function of love is to expose you in yourself to everything in you that resists, hates, doesn't want love and wants to wound the other, for loving you. Because at some depth all of us feel that we are not lovable."
  • Janis Ian ~ At Seventeen
  • John Welwood ~ Perfect Love Imperfect Relationships: Healing the Wound of the Heart ~ Chapter 2: The Mood of Grievance / Chapter 3: Letting Grievance Go
  • ↟ Rates(by donation):

    With Gratitude, Cedar

    Individual Sessions

    Drawing Up Wisdom, 90min Session

  • Suggested: $40-60
  • CellWisdom Portal Access, 2hr Session

  • Suggested: $80-120
  • Soulheart Listening

  • Suggested: $20 per hour
  • Mother Earth Wisdom Walks

  • Suggested: $55 per hour
  • Community Events (Suggested: $20):

  • Shamanic Drumming n' Dreaming: Guided Visualization Journey and meditation
  • Sound Vibrational Healing
  • Drawing Up Community Wisdom
  • Vibrations of Community Freestyle Drawing
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