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Jamie "Cedar" Rogers, MA

Holistic Life Guide, Writer, Artist

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"I truly loved my session at Emergent Pathways Through Art [now "Cedar Pathways"]! Jamie let me express myself freely. Through the story she helped me tell through my session, I was able to feel creativity I haven't felt in decades. I couldn't recommend Emergent Pathways Through Art enough!" ~ Lenore


"Cedar is very skilled at guiding one into the deeper self to access inner worlds. I loved the shamanic drawing class I had the opportunity to take and would highly recommend her work" ~ S.A.


"I've participated in Cedar's events as well as have witnessed first hand her unique talents and wisdom around helping others. When she hosted an event tied to "drawing" I told her - "Cedar - I'm not an artist." - she laughed and asked if I could draw lines on paper. I had no clue that I was able to draw anything let alone reach within to explore worlds yet undiscovered.

I've witnessed Cedar inspire a mutual friend to transformational remembrance of who they really are within. Cedar is smart, beautiful, talented and grounded in reality while providing a safe anchor and opening up inner worlds of insights, exploration and adventure.

The downside? Cedar doesn't really know how good she is, if your are considering working with her I'll simply state you've found a rare treasure and opportunity to grow, heal, journey and explore undiscovered territory within your life." ~ David Alderwind Nelson, Technologist, Author and Founder of P.O.T.U


"Cedar, I want to thank you again for sharing your art therapy activity with SoulShine Mastermind. I observed these amazing people deep in trance as you quietly (yet deeply) helped them move through hidden, subconscious yearnings. The art and reflections we had were quite profound. Thank you for providing that safe container in such a loving and graceful way! I am always intrigued and amazed by the shamanic nature of your own art as well; I often can feel the impulses and themes you are working through for yourself as a catalyst and channel, but, also, on such a bigger, cosmic level. Thank you for being the gift. Your subtle, soft nuances of deep reflection and insight as to what someone might be going through, helping them unravel parts of themselves often leaves me reflecting on my own life. So thank you again for being that kind, steady guide on our journeys." ~ Heather Straube, Mystic, Muse, Medium. Portland, Oregon (www.heatherstraube.com)


"During a shamanic journey offered by Alder and Cedar, I was unable to let go and drift, due to pain I was unable to relieve. But, I am stubborn enough that I would not interrupt the proceedings. Then all of a sudden that pain was gone, I was able to relax and found myself in a ceremony of sorts. I attributed this to Cedar's Reiki application during the journey, which I believe relieved me of the pain and made it possible for me to proceed." ~ Dave Huffman


"I worked with Cedar for several sessions and I found great results. It was in a very loving and caring environment that always felt safe. Cedar has a great way of expressing what she sees happening in her sessions. I love the way she starts her sessions with a calming meditation. The results were nothing I could have thought they would be. I found the work to be rewarding and revealing. It was a fun working process for a therapy modality. She is highly recommended." ~ April Shattuck


"I have had the honor and privilege to experience Cedar's Cell Wisdom Portal Access process. Cedar brings an intuitive wisdom and guidance that allows my own process and spirit to awaken and speak to me. Each time I am amazed at what is waiting to reveal itself through words, movement, sounds and art. I highly recommend her Cell Wisdom Portal Access to anyone wanting to get more in touch with their body's innate wisdom." ~ Beth Astarte, Coaching & Consulting (Facebook: Bestarte Coaching & Consulting)


"Cedar used some incredible vocal toning and shamanic cleansing techniques as we walked through the forest. I recommend checking her out. It definitely brought me clarity and helped me work through a block on my throat chakra. Her kind gentle nature held space for me and offered wise advice as I went through my process!" ~ Melissa Macgregor